Government to Honour Eight Holocaust Heroes

The Government has honoured eight Holocaust heroes at an event organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in conjunction with the Israeli Embassy. The award is given to those who made a contribution to those who needed help during the Second World War to help the Jewish people and others who were suffering the effects of Nazi hate.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, said:

“The moral conviction and bravery of the British Heroes of the Holocaust should fill us with pride. These exceptional individuals saved hundreds of lives and went above and beyond the call of duty in the most difficult circumstances to do the right thing. As a government we are committed to ensuring that society learns the lessons of the Holocaust so that bigotry and prejudice are given no place to take root”.

The eight individuals honoured are John Carvell, Sir Thomas Preston, Doreen Warriner, Trevor Chadwick, Dorothea Weber, Margaret Reid, Sir George Ogilvie-Forbes and Otto Schiff.