Labour Party to be Investigated After Charging Different Prices to Black and Minority Ethnic Members

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said that it is investigate the Labour Party following a complaint that black and minority ethnic members were being charged a different price for an event to other members.

A spokesperson for the EHRC said:

“A complaint has been received and we are looking at the detail before considering what action, if any, is needed”.

The Labour Party said that black and minority ethnic members were charged a lower price in a bid to improve representation at the conference. Andrew Brigden, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, said that he had made a complaint and added:

“This is not only divisive and I believe, illegal, but it sets a dangerous a precedent which could easily be exploited at the extremes of our politics. I’m calling on Labour to refund the £10 racial surcharge”.