Foreign Secretary Meets US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has today met with Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, to discuss a number of international issues including Yemen, Syria and Iran.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Secretary said:

“During their meeting, which took place at the Foreign Secretary’s official London residence in Carlton Gardens, the two ministers discussed a full range of bilateral and international issues, underscoring the strength of the UK/US relationship. Today’s meeting followed on from Secretary Tillerson and Foreign Secretary Johnson’s meeting in Vancouver last week.

On Iran, they reflected on recent developments and discussed the UK and US’s respective views on the Iran nuclear deal. The Foreign Secretary emphasised that the UK believes the Iran nuclear deal is working, and that the UK would work closely with US, European and international partners to tackle Iran’s disruptive behaviour in the region.

On Syria, the Foreign Secretary expressed his support for Secretary Tillerson’s recent speech on the Syrian crisis. The Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary discussed how to move towards a political process that would lead to the end of the Asad regime.

On Yemen, they agreed on the importance of moving forward towards a political solution that would end the humanitarian suffering.

The Foreign Secretary and Secretary Tillerson will meet again in Paris tomorrow for discussions on Syria and Yemen with their European and Middle Eastern counterparts”.

Tillerson said:

“We treasure this relationship, and I treasure Boris’s relationship with me personally and the work that we do together on these many issues. Sometimes we forget about the importance of our own relationship, and we need to pay attention to that relationship and the importance of this relationship on a bilateral basis as well”.