UKIP National Executive Committee Unanimously Back No Confidence Vote in Leader

Henry Bolton, the leader of UKIP, has said that he will ignore the decision of the party’s national executive committee following their unanimous vote of no confidence in him. Paul Oakden, the party’s chairman, said “Henry was offered the opportunity to resign but he has made clear that he feels he is the right man to lead the party forward”.

Bolton said that he wouldn’t be standing down as it would damage the party, saying:

“If the NEC decides to go down the road of months of further in-fighting and further negative media scrutiny by deciding to pass a vote of no confidence in me, I think that the reality is that the party is probably over”.

There will now be a vote of members who will decide whether Bolton will remain as the leader of the party. If Bolton is replaced it would be by the party’s sixth leader since September 2016.