Prime Minister Condemns Comments Made by Toby Young

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has joined in the criticism of comments made by Toby Young but confirmed he will keep his role as a board member of the Office for Students.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show the Prime Minister said:

“Toby Young has done exceedingly good work in relation to free schools. And that’s what led to him being appointed to the office for students. When he was appointed I was not aware of these comments that he had made. Frankly I’m not at all impressed by those comments. He’s now in public office
and as far as I’m concerned if he was to continue to use that sort
of language and talk in that sort of way he would no longer be in
public office”.

Two Labour politicians called for Young to be sacked, with Dawn Butler and Angela Rayner saying:

“The virulence of Mr Young’s misogyny is disturbing; furthermore, he has offered no apology for his remarks”.