Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, Says Labour Can Make Large Gains in 2018

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has said that the Labour Party is well positioned to make large gain in the city in the 2018 local elections. Khan is also expected to make Brexit a core theme of the party’s campaigns in the capital, and the London Mayor is also expected to back the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking at a party conference in London, Khan is expected to say:

“There is now no corner of London where Labour can’t win – and with enough hard work we can challenge the Tories even in their crown jewels of Wandsworth and Barnet”.

The local elections will take place in May and the Labour Party currently hold 22 off the capital’s 33 councils. Khan is also expected to say:

“However, Londoners that desperately need Labour in power across London cannot afford for us to be complacent about the upcoming local elections. That’s why we must keep taking the fight to the Tories – who are weaker and more divided than ever – and I pledge to lead Labour members in that fight”.