Richard Leonard Wins Election to Become New Scottish Labour Leader

Richard Leonard has been confirmed as the new leader of Scottish Labour after beating Anas Sarwar, the other remaining entrant. Leonard is from the left of the party compared to Sarwar’s centrist position and Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Leonard and said that he was “a real force for change”.

Leonard said on Twitter:

“I just want to thank you all – let’s work together as movement for real change, as a movement for democracy and socialism and as a movement for realising the hopes of the people”.

Sarwar said:

“Congratulations to Richard on his victory. I’m proud of our campaign, our team and all the volunteers. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it for you, but I look forward to campaigning with Richard and our party in the weeks, months and years ahead”.

There was a 63.7% turnout in the vote with 56.7% voting for Leonard and 43.3% voting for Sarwar.