Nigel Farage Issues Apology Over Comments on Hope not Hate

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP, has apologised after comments had made on LBC Radio last year. He associated the Hope not Hate organisation with violence and initially refused to apologise. Legal action against Farage was initiated which was paid for by crowd funding from over 16,000 people.

Farage had said in reference to Brendan Cox, the husband of the murdered MP Jo Cox:

“Well, of course, he would know more about extremists than me, Mr Cox, he backs organisations like Hope Not Hate, who masquerade as being lovely and peaceful but actually pursue violent and very undemocratic means”.

Farage issued a statement saying:

“Having now considered the position further I am happy to acknowledge that Hope Not Hate does not tolerate or pursue violent or undemocratic behaviour”.