Priti Patel Apologises Over Failing to Disclose Meetings With Israeli Politicians

Priti Patel, the Secretary of State for International Development, has admitted that she failed to disclose meetings with Israeli politicians whilst on a family holiday. Patel also admitted that Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, had not been told in advance about her plans.

Patel said in a statement:

“This summer I travelled to Israel, on a family holiday paid for myself. While away I had the opportunity to meet a number of people and organisations. I am publishing a list of who I met.‎ The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was aware of my visit while it was underway‎.

In hindsight, I can see how my enthusiasm to engage in this way could be mis-read, and how meetings were set up and reported in a way which did not accord with the usual procedures. I am sorry for this and I apologise for it”.

The Labour Party has called on the Prime Minister to launch an investigation into Patel’s actions.