ONS Figures Predict that UK Population will Reach 70 Million in 2029

The ONS has predicted that the UK population will reach 70 million by 2029, an increase from the current figure of 65.6 million. The prediction is a change from a previous estimate that the figure would be reached by 2027 due to changes in life expectancy and the birth rate.

The ONS also predicted that the population would reach 72.9 million by 2041 and the current figures have not been adjusted for Brexit. A spokesman for the ONS said:

“England is projected to grow more quickly than the other UK nations. Over that period 54% of growth is projected to result directly from net international migration. The other 46% is because there will be more births than deaths.

These projections suggest slower growth than the previous (2014-based) projections. This is because of lower assumptions about future levels of fertility and international migration, and an assumption of a slower rate of increase in life expectancy”.