Foreign Secretary Confirms Change of UK Special Envoy to Syria

The Foreign Office have confirmed that Martin Longden has been appointed as the UK’s Special Envoy to Syria, a role he will take up nearly immediately. Longden replaces Gareth Bayley and he will also continue in his current role as Head of Near East Department.

Longden said in a statement:

“I look forward to representing the UK to drive forward a holistic approach to Syria and the region, while maintaining strong links with the Syrian opposition.

The only lasting solution is a political transition that can protect the rights of all Syrians, unite the country and end the conflict. The UK will continue to play a key role in the international efforts to bring peace to all Syrians”.

Alistair Burt, the Minister for the Middle East, said:

“The UK is working tirelessly to bring a peaceful solution to the Syria conflict. There can be no military solution to this tragedy, and neither Syria nor the region can be properly stabilised until we see a genuine transition to a new government in Damascus. Martin’s extensive diplomatic experience will ensure he is well prepared to continue our efforts towards a political solution in Syria”.