Labour Warns of No Deal Over Brexit

Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, has warned that the Government is heading for no deal with the EU over Brexit. Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, said though that he felt that a deal could be reached with enough political will.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Thornberry said:

“I think what we may be seeing is the Europeans trying to make it clear that it is not their fault that there are these difficulties – the intransigence does not come from their side, it comes from Theresa May’s side. And in the end I think the reality is the intransigence is on Theresa May’s side, because she doesn’t have the strength or the authority to be able to control her backbenchers, let alone her cabinet. And I think we are heading for no deal, and I think that that is a serious threat to Britain and it is not in Britain’s interests for that to happen”.

Fox said on Peston on Sunday when asked if he regretted saying that a trade deal would be easy:

“No I don’t. The point I was making was that it is unique because, as I said, in most trade deals you’re trying to reduce a distance but in the European Union trading agreement we are already at the point where we have no tariffs and we have complete regulatory equivalence. That has never happened before. I don’t think they are difficult in terms of the trade law or the trade negotiations themselves. The difficulty is the politics”.