Crime Rises by 13% in Previous Year

Figures released by the ONS have shown that crime has risen by 13% in England and Wales over the last year. Violence crime has increased by 19% and the figures show the largest increase in crime in ten years.

Sarah Newton, a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office, said:

“While it is clear that much of the rise in police-recorded violent offences is due to better recording, we know that some of this increase is likely to be genuine, which is why we have taken urgent action to stop these crimes and keep our communities safe”.

The ONS said:

“The 13% increase in police recorded crime from the previous year reflects a range of factors including continuing improvements to crime recording and genuine increases in some crime categories, especially in those that are well-recorded”.

The ONS statistician added:

“Today’s figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime – particularly in some of the low incidence but more harmful categories”.