Government to Introduce New Measures to Tackle Growing Problem of Violent Crime

The Government has announced new measures are being introduced in a bid to tackle the growing problem of violent crime. Legislation is planned which would require an individual to explain why they are carrying a corrosive substance in public and there will be an extension on the prohibition of knives.

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, said:

“All forms of violent crime are totally unacceptable, which is why we are taking action to restrict access to offensive weapons and crack down on those who carry acids with the intent to do harm.

Acid attacks can devastate lives and leave victims with both emotional and physical scars.

By banning the sale of the most harmful corrosive substances to under 18s and introducing minimum custodial sentences to those who repeatedly carry corrosive substances to cause harm, we are sending a message that the cowards who use these as weapons will not escape the full force of the law”.