Ruth Davidson, Scottish Conservative Leader, Calls on Party to Unite Behind Theresa May

Ruth Davidson, the Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has called on the party to unite behind Theresa May, the Prime Minister, after a difficult political week.

Speaking on Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking, Davidson said:

“I would tell my party to get its house in order, get together, knuckle down and make sure our first, last and only commitment is to the country that we are incredibly lucky to serve and we should never forget that”.

Speaking about what would happen if there was a new leader:

“I think the instability would be very difficult if that were to happen, but I don’t think it will”.

Talking of former male Cabinet Ministers talking the Prime Minister down, Davidson said:

“She’s the Prime Minister of this country, none of you made it that far, so put up, shut up, get off the stage and get back to governing”.