Prime Minister Makes Speech at 2017 Conservative Party Conference

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has made her speech at the 2017 Conservative Party conference whilst struggling with a cold which interrupted her delivery. In her speech she promised the Conservatives would do more to deal with energy prices and improve the amount of housing available.

The Prime Minister apologised for the General Election result but noticed that the vote share and number of votes for the Conservatives had increased. She spoke about the British Dream, noting to conference:

“We must renew the British Dream at home through a determined programme of economic and social reform. A programme that champions our belief in free markets by being prepared to reform them when they don’t work. That ensures our economy and society work for everyone in every part of this country, not just the privileged few.

Because for too many, the British Dream feels increasingly out of reach.
The effects of the financial crisis – nearly a decade of low growth, stagnating wages and pay restraint – linger”.

On Brexit, the Prime Minister said:

“Britain is leaving the European Union in March 2019. I know some find the negotiations frustrating. But if we approach them in the right spirit – in a spirit of cooperation and friendship, with our sights set firmly on the future – I am confident we will find a deal that works for Britain and Europe too. And let’s be clear about the agreement we seek.

It’s the agreement I set out earlier this year at Lancaster House and again in my speech in Florence ten days ago. It’s a new deep and special partnership between a strong, successful European Union and a sovereign United Kingdom. A partnership that allows us to continue to trade and cooperate with each other, because we see shared challenges and opportunities ahead. But a partnership that ensures the United Kingdom is a sovereign nation once again. A country in which the British people are firmly in control”.