Prime Minister Meets with Donald Tusk, the European Council President

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, yesterday met with Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council. The pair discussed the Brexit situation, including how to deal with the future border in Northern Ireland.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said:

“The Prime Minister began by re-stating her wish for a bold and unique new economic partnership with the EU, based on a joint commitment to free trade and high standards.

Returning to the theme of her speech in Florence last week, the PM said the UK and the EU should be imaginative and creative about the way this new relationship is established. The PM said she was optimistic about a joint future which benefits both the EU and the UK.

President Tusk welcomed the PM’s speech, which he described as constructive in progressing talks between the UK and the 27 member states.

The PM and President Tusk welcomed the good progress that had been made on citizens’ rights in the talks so far, and restated their commitment to finding a positive solution to the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The PM also stressed the importance of agreeing a period of implementation once Britain leaves the EU in March 2019. She said this would build a bridge to that new relationship that ensures the process is smooth and orderly and creates as much certainty as possible for everyone.

At the end of the meeting, the PM said her Florence speech had been intended to create momentum in the ongoing talks. She said it was important for EU negotiators to now respond in the same spirit”.

Donald Tusk issued a statement on Twitter saying:

“Today I’d say there is no “sufficient progress” yet. But cautiously optimistic about @Theresa_May constructive, more realistic #Brexit tone”.