220% Trade Tariff on Bombardier Threatens Thousands of Jobs in Northern Ireland

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has said that the US decision to charge a trade tariff of 220% on Bombardier is “bitterly disappointing”. The decision by the US Department of Commerce comes after complaints from Boeing that Bombardier received anti-competitive Government funding from the Quebec Regional Government.

May said in a statement:

“We are bitterly disappointed by the initial Bombardier ruling. The Government will continue to work with the company to protect vital jobs for Northern Ireland”.

The company currently employs 4,000 people in Northern Ireland, making it one of the largest employers, with over 1,000 being involved with the C-Series of aircraft which are currently affected by the tariff.

James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, added:

“The UK government believes clearly that the support that we have given through repayable launch investment to the C Series project is legitimate, is lawful, is within World Trade Organisation rules and therefore that the actions that have been brought around this case are unwarranted”.