UK to Give Additional Financial Aid to Dominica

The British Government has confirmed that it is to give an additional £5 million in aid to Dominica in a bid to help them recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. The hurricane caused significant damage to the island, with over 98% of buildings damaged and most left without power.

Priti Patel, the Secretary of State for International Development, said:

“The UK has pledged to give £5 million to the people of Dominica, the island worst hit by Hurricane Maria – on top of the £57 million already promised to the region – to strengthen recovery following these relentless disasters.

I have come to the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla to see first-hand UK aid in action, helping families whose lives have been ripped apart first by Hurricane Irma and then Maria.

The UK is leading the way in the relief effort, delivering emergency food, water and shelter to those who need it most. We will continue to clear up after this devastation in the weeks, months and years to come”.