Government Says that it will bring Daesh Members to Justice

Alistair Burt, the Minister for the Middle East, has signed a United Nations Security Council resolution which aims to bring Daesh members to justice. The resolution will allow investigations to take place in Iraq to gain evidence for the crimes committed by Daesh, with a new UN adviser being appointed to hold members of the group accountable.

Burt said in a statement:

“There can never be adequate recompense for those who were forced to endure the wanton brutality of Daesh, and the dead will not be brought back, but this Resolution means that the international community is united in our belief that there should, at least, be accountability for those who perpetrated such wicked acts.

The United Nations will now help to gather and preserve evidence of Daesh’s crimes in Iraq and I can announce that Britain will provide £1 million to establish the UN investigative team that will lead these efforts – and I would respectfully encourage other countries to contribute”.