Telegraph Reports that Boris Johnson May Resign as Cabinet Split Worsens

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, is under pressure today to re-assert her authority following comments made at the weekend by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, which have been criticised by numerous Conservatives.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting today that Boris Johnson will resign if the Government pursues a Swiss style arrangement for after the UK leaves the European Union. Johnson has though denied he will resign, saying that the Government remains united and adding “the Cabinet is a nest of singing birds”.

Ken Clarke, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, also criticised John’s intervention, saying:

“Sounding off personally in this way is totally unhelpful and he shouldn’t exploit the fact that Theresa May hasn’t got a majority in parliament and he knows perfectly well that, normally, a foreign secretary would be sacked instantly for doing that”.

The Prime Minister is expected to make a speech later this week which clarifies the British position on Brexit, following a period of uncertainty and confusion. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said that the party remain unified and would deliver a stable economy.