Prime Minister Aims to Boost Trade Sales During Visit to the US

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, is in New York hosting a round-table event for business to take advantage of post-Brexit opportunities. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that there had been 482 investment projects made in the UK since Brexit by US companies.

May said in a statement:

“The companies here today are all investors into the UK who have made, or are looking to make, significant additional investments in the future.

And their decisions to do so reflect a confidence in the UK economy that is well-justified. We remain the top destination for Foreign Direct Investment in Europe, and for good reason: the size and stability of our domestic market, our internationally respected legal system including our labour laws, our deep capital markets, and the enormous human talent available in every sector.

But far from resting on our laurels, this government is working hard to make the UK an even more attractive place to invest. We are reducing corporation taxes further over the coming years, and investing in science, technology and infrastructure.

And as we leave the EU, we are seeking to negotiate the deepest and broadest possible trading arrangements with the rest of Europe, to maintain the access into European markets that we know US investors appreciate.

I am confident that British business will continue to go from strength to strength”.