New National Memorial to British Victims of Terrorism Overseas is Announced

Tobias Ellwood, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Defence, has announced that the winner of the design for the new national memorial to British victims of terrorism overseas will be ‘Still Water’. The decision was made by an independent panel following a public consultation in 2016.

The design which was chosen was by artist Alison Wilding and sculptor Adam Kershaw. It will be made later this year and a public unveiling is expected in spring 2018. In a joint statement Wiling and Kershaw said:

“We are thrilled to have been chosen to make this memorial and have been encouraged by the positive feedback from the families and others who took part in the selection process”.

Tobias Ellwood said:

“My hope is that this memorial will become a peaceful and contemplative site, offering solace and comfort to those affected by the terrible terrorist events that we have seen taking place overseas, and impacting on British Citizens.

I am grateful to Baroness Lynda Chalker and the Panel that has taken time to select a thoughtful design, from an internationally renowned and respected artist. Alison Wilding and Adam Kershaw’s design is simple, sensitive and beautiful.

This memorial shows our recognition, as a nation, of the loss that has been suffered by British families over a number of years, and will stand for those events that, sadly, are likely in future years”.