Nicola Sturgeon Confirms that Public Sector Pay Cap will be Scrapped in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, has confirmed that the public sector pay cap will be scrapped in Scotland next year. The Scottish Government had been following the UK Government’s pay freeze and then pay cap over recent years, but has now decided to increase wages.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon said:

“I confirm that we will lift the 1 per cent public sector pay cap. The pay cap, although never desirable, was necessary to protect jobs and services. However, with inflation on the rise, it is not sustainable. Our nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters deserve a fairer deal for the future. The need to recruit the staff on whom our public services depend also demands a new approach. We will therefore aim to secure from next year pay rises that are affordable but which reflect the real-life circumstances that our public servants face and the contribution that our public services make to our country’s overall prosperity”.