Prime Minister Visits Japan to Discuss Post-Brexit Relationship

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, is visiting Japan to meet with Shinzo Abe, the country’s Prime Minister. The two leaders are expected to discuss numerous matters, including a future trade relationship and international security.

May said in a statement before the visit:

“Building on our existing ties with friends and allies around the world is vital as Britain prepares for a new era outside the European Union.

Japan has long been a natural trading partner for the UK as a like-minded nation with a shared belief in free trade and a rules-based international system, and my discussions with Prime Minister Abe will focus on how we can prepare the ground for an ambitious free trade agreement after Brexit, based on the EU-Japan agreement which I very much hope is nearing conclusion.

As our closest security partner in Asia, we will also discuss how we can work much more closely together on cyber security, counter-terrorism and defence – more important than ever in this uncertain world”.