Prime Minister Says that She May Fight Another General Election

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has said that she might fight another General Election as leader of the Conservative Party. Her comments come after newspaper rumours at the weekend that she planned to step down in 2019, which Downing Street sources had denied.

May said in an interview:

“There’s a real job to be done in the United Kingdom. It’s about getting the Brexit deal right, it’s about building that deep and special partnership with the European Union but it’s also about building global Britain, trading around the world”.

When asked if she intended to fight another General Election as Prime Minister, she replied “Yes, I’m in this for the long-term”.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, said in an interview:

“We need to get Brexit done. She’s ideally placed to deliver a great outcome for our country and then deliver what we all want to see, which is this exciting agenda of global Britain. I think she gets it. She really wants to deliver it. I’m here to support her”.