Chris Williamson Suggests Female-Only Train Carriages

Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby North, has proposed the idea of train carriages only for women. The idea has though been rejected by a number of other Labour MPs and also by equality groups. Williamson said that “female only carriages is an idea worth exploring” although he said that he added that he wasn’t necessarily calling for them to be introduced, just for there to be a debate.

Jess Phillips, the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, posted on Twitter:

“My hot take on women’s only carriages. Absolutely terrible idea. It is essentially giving up on trying to prosecute assaults”.

The campaigning group End Violence Against Women said:

“What happens when a woman doesn’t opt to use a segregated carriage – is she somehow to blame if she is then attacked?”

A spokesman for ASLEF, the rail union, also rejected the idea and said that “every space on the train should be safe”.