James Brokenshire Says Restoration of Devolution is a Priority

James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has said that the restoration of devolution in the province is a priority. No Executive has yet been formed following the elections earlier in the year and agreement hasn’t been reached between the parties on how to proceed.

Brokenshire said in a statement:

“My priority is to see the restoration of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, working on a sustainable basis to deliver good government for everyone. Over the summer I have kept in touch with the political parties and I will be bringing them together over the next week as we enter a new phase of talks.

Urgent progress is required. The lack of an Executive making key decisions on matters including health and education means that public services in Northern Ireland are suffering. We need to find a way forward that will allow an Executive to be formed.

We must ensure that politicians locally are working together to strengthen the economy, to deal with the challenges and opportunities of EU Exit, and build a stronger, shared society based on respect for everyone. Ultimately, it is for Northern Ireland’s political parties to find a way to make this work”.