Grenfell Tower Survivors Will Need to Bid Against Each Other Properties

Kensington Council have confirmed that survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy will be required to bid against each other for new accommodation. The council has been purchasing accommodation in the borough and has said that it will attempt to prioritise those who have specific housing requirements.

Kim Taylor-Smith (pictured above), the deputy leader of the council, said in a statement:

“The council has acquired more than 100 properties for Grenfell survivors and is in the course of spending tens of millions more to add to our property stock. The fairest and quickest way for people to view and choose a home we believe is using the website”.

David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, said:

“Grenfell survivors should not be forced into bidding against each other for properties whilst they grieve for their loved ones and try to rebuild their lives. It is incumbent on the local authority to find appropriate permanent accommodation for each and every family and support them through this process, not wash their hands of this responsibility so that traumatised and vulnerable people are bidding against each other for properties online”.