BBC Criticised Over Nigel Lawson Interview

Lord Lawson, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 1980s, has been criticised for an interview on climate change on the BBC. Lawson claimed that global temperatures had fallen over the last decade, but a number of scientists have said that temperatures have actually risen.

Referring to Al Gore, Lawson said during the interview:

“[Al Gore says that] there had been a growing increase, which had been continuing, in the extreme weather events. There hasn’t been. All the experts say there haven’t been. The IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is sort of the voice of the consensus, concedes that there has been no increase in extreme weather events. Extreme weather events have always happened. They come and go”.

A spokesman for the BBC said:

“We have a duty to inform listeners about all sides of a debate”.

Professor Brian Cox said about the debate on climate change and Lawson’s false claims:

“It is irresponsible and highly misleading to give the impression that there is a meaningful debate about the science”.

Carbonbrief issued a statement fact checking the comments made by Nigel Lawson, finding several of his key points to be factually incorrect.