Jeremy Corbyn Refuses to Condemn Venezuelan Leader

Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has been criticised for failing to condemn the Venezuelan leadership after recent violence. Corbyn, who had previously supported the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro said that he was “very sad” at the violence.

Corbyn said at a Labour Party meeting:

“I’m very sad at the lives that have been lost in Venezuela. The people who have died, either those on the streets or security forces that have been attacked by people on the street – all of those lives are terrible for the loss of them”.

Graham Jones, the Labour MP for Hyndburn, said:

“Mr Maduro and his predecessor Mr Chavez have destroyed an economy despite being oil rich, abused human rights and replaced democracy with authoritarianism backed by military might”.

Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead, urged Corbyn to condemn the leadership, saying:

“I think how he responds on this is crucial. And I think what’s going on in Venezuela is desperate”.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, last week said that the Venezuelan leadership was “acting like the dictator of an evil regime”.