Home Secretary Announces £20 Million Fund to Tackle Online Grooming

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, has announced a £20 million funding pot in an attempt to tackle the growing problem of online grooming. The financing comes after a year-long trial took place involving Norfolk Policy, which the Home Office considered to have been successful.

Rudd said in a statement:

“Child sexual exploitation has a profoundly devastating impact on the lives of its victims, and it’s a national policing priority to take on the threat it poses. We believe this project has shown early promise in tackling these complex crimes through an innovative approach.

Crime as traditionally measured by the independent crime survey for England and Wales is down by more than a third since 2010. However, we know that the nature of crime is changing, and through projects such as this we can help the police to adapt and develop the tools they need to respond to the challenges of the future”.