Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris Admits Using Racist Term

Anne Marie Morris, the Conservative MP for Newton Abbot, has admitted that she used a racist term at a public meeting. Morris has issued a statement saying that “the comment was totally unintentional”, but the Conservative Party has confirmed that it is launching an investigation. It is also alleged that Tory MPs John Redwood and Bill Cash, who were also present, failed to react to Morris’s comments.

Tim Farron, the out-going leader of the Liberal Democrats said in a statement:

“The Conservative Party should withdraw the whip from Anne Marie Morris and they should do it today. Every hour they leave her in place, is a stain on them and the so called ‘compassionate conservatism’ they supposedly espouse”.

Owen Jones, the political commentator, said on Twitter:

“Clearly @AnneMarieMorris must resign her seat immediately and her fellow Tory panellists need to be held to account”.