Tom Hind, UKIP Councillor in Hartlepool, Calls for Muslims to be Banned from Party

Tom Hind, the UKIP councillor for Seaton Ward in Hartlepool, has called on Muslims to be banned from the party. Hind made his comments on Facebook and has so far refused to withdraw them.

Hind wrote:

“I have mentioned before UKIP will have to make some difficult decisions if it is to move forward. One of those difficult decisions is Islam. I would like to ban any Muslim from joining UKIP. Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology based on conquest, how many more assaults on the British people need we endure before we understand Islam”.

John Tennant, the leader of the UKIP group on the council, said:

“It is not our policy to force someone out of the party based on their religious beliefs”.