Labour Announce that Student Fees Would be Scrapped Immediately

The Labour Party has confirmed that student fees would be scrapped immediately so that those entering university this year wouldn’t have to pay the tuition charges. The party also confirmed that students already part-way through their courses wouldn’t have to pay for any future years.

Angela Rayner, the Shadow Education Secretary, said in a statement:

“You’ve got young people, regardless of their wealth, that are leaving university after working hard, they’ve finally got their degrees, they’re going into their job for the first time, junior doctors etcetera, and they’re saddled with debt for years and years”.

Nick Clegg, the former Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister, said:

“Let’s be very clear what this is for – it is to relieve graduates in the future of the need to make any contribution to their university education while, and here is the odd choice, not reversing a lot of the very punitive and aggressive benefit cuts which will affect some of the poorest in the country. If the choice is between the poorest and some of the richest graduates of the future, I would choose helping the poorest”.