British Government Will Help Ethiopians Suffering from Country’s Drought

James Wharton, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development, has confirmed that the British Government will provide financial help in Ethiopia following the drought in the country. The worst drought in fifty years hit the country in 2016, with nearly twenty million people needing humanitarian help.

Wharton, who is visiting the country, said that he wanted the long-term solution to be improved trade links. Wharton said in a statement:

“Millions of people are living in desperate conditions as extreme drought in Ethiopia and worsening humanitarian crises in neighbouring countries are forcing people from their homes, threatening lives and global security.

I have seen first-hand how UK aid is providing lifesaving support to vulnerable communities in Ethiopia, as well as refugees, and making a real difference to those who need it most.

At the same time, we are helping to boost economic development and private sector investment to create jobs and increase stability in the longer term which is firmly in Ethiopia and the UK’s interests”.