British Government to Increase Military Co-operation with India

The British Government has confirmed that it is to increase its military co-operation with India. Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for Defence, has been visiting India and he laid a wreath at the Taj Mahal hotel to commemorate the 2008 terrorist attack.

Fallon said that the UK had told Pakistan that there could be no tolerance of terrorism and he added “No country is immune from terrorism. India and the UK need to work even harder, and more closely, to combat it”.

Fallon said in a statement:

“As Britain steps up globally, we continue to develop our close security partnership with India. Our countries are recognised globally as leaders in defence and we remain steadfast in our commitment to regional security, growing our defence industries and supporting our mutual interests.

Our nations face the same threats and we will work closely together to harness British expertise and Indian brain power to develop cutting edge technologies and equipment that benefit both of our Armed Forces”.