Ken Livingstone says he expects to be expelled from the Labour Party

Ken Livingstone, the former Labour Mayor of London, has said that he expects to be expelled from the Labour Party. His comments were made in advance of a party hearing into his conduct which is being held later today and he said:

“I expect to be expelled, I always have done, because the national constitutional committee has got 10 right-wingers and two left-wingers.
If I am expelled from the Labour party, we will seek judicial review, but we won’t submit that until after the local elections are over”.

The party suspended Livingstone over comments he made in 2016 over Israel, when he was being accused of being anti-Semitic. Jeremy Newmark, from the Jewish Labour Movement, said of Livingstone:

“He has a seemingly consistent need to calibrate his language to cause maximum hurt and pain to Jewish people and Holocaust survivors in this country has created a situation where there can no longer be a place for him inside our party”.