Tatton Conservative Association Back George Osborne’s New Evening Standard Role

Tatton Conservative Association have given their backing to George Osborne, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his new role as editor of the London Evening Standard.

The Guardian newspaper reported that Patty Goddard, the Association President, said:

“Everybody in the room was fully supportive of George, our MP, and he got a huge round of applause when he’d finished speaking. I was George’s chairman for four years and I know how hard this guy can work.

He’s got amazing stamina and he never ceased his duty to Tatton while he was chancellor of the exchequer, and I’ve no reason to believe that will change when he’s editing a newspaper four mornings a week. We all feel that he’s got the capability and the ability to do that, and we’ve every confidence in him.

It was so positive. I feel so pleased it happened that way. We thought there might be some problems, but none whatsoever. We did ask the questions and he answered them satisfactorily”.

Clive Lewis, the Labour MP for Norwich South, criticised the role when it was announced and said:

“There are real questions to answer, but Osborne has brazenly flouted the rules by applying for, accepting and announcing a new job before the ethics watchdog could investigate and sanction it. I would urge them to refuse permission for him to take up the role, at least until there is time to properly consider these questions”.

Osborne said in the House of Commons earlier in the week:

“In my view, Mr Speaker, this parliament is enhanced when we have people from all walks of life and different experience in the debate and when people who have held senior ministerial office continue to contribute to the debate”.