Northern Ireland Secretary Gives Statement on Future of Talks

James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has delivered a statement outside Stormont in Belfast on the latest situation with talks in the province.

Brokenshire said:

“Good morning everyone.

We’re now entering the final few days available to the political parties here in Northern Ireland to form an Executive. I’ve had constructive discussions over the last two and a bit weeks with the Irish government and with political parties.

There are a number of issues where I see common ground and where I firmly believe that resolution can be achieved.

But there are other issues that still remain to be resolved in order for an Executive to be formed on Monday. We also have a duty to survivors and victims to come forward with proposals to deal with the past.

I believe that a deal is still achievable – with good will, good spirit and that positive intent.

But time is short.

And we must firmly focus on those key issues to enable an Executive to be formed on Monday. It is that task of work that we are firmly engaged in.

I’ll be working intensively in the coming days to achieve that positive outcome, to see inclusive devolved government restored here in Northern Ireland, that responsibility that we all feel in that regard.

And it is with that intent that we start meetings this morning and I will now head to Stormont Castle.

Thank you very much”.