Crowdfunding Raises over £650,000 for Family of Keith Palmer

A fund started by Stephen Redgewell of the Metropolitan Police Federation has already raised over £650,000 for the murdered police officer Keith Palmer. Palmer was killed when defending the Houses of Parliament from a terrorist attack on 22 March 2017.

Redgewell said:

“The Metropolitan Police Federation are raising money for the family of PC Keith Palmer, the Police Officer who tragically gave his life on 22 March as he guarded the Palace of Westminster from what is believed to have been a terrorist attack.

Every day, all over London and the rest of the UK, Police Officers risk their lives to protect and defend us – in the wake of this tragedy our thoughts are with Keith’s family and all the people who are injured have lost their lives”.

Over 30,000 people have already donated to the fund, which is expected to reach a figure of nearer to £1 million. The page can be found at