Sir David Metcalf Appointed as First Director of Labour Market Enforcement

The Government has confirmed that Sir David Metcalf has been appointed as the first Director of the Labour Market Enforcement. This body has been established to attempt to reduce the amount of exploitation in the labour market and to raise awareness of the minimum wage. Metcalf had previously served as the chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee.

The new body will work with, and help co-ordinate, the work of three existing teams. These are the Gangsters and LabourAbuse Authority, the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate and the HMRC’s minimum wage enforcement team.

Metcalf said in a statement:

“I’m very excited to be taking on this new role, drawing together the important work of these three labour market enforcement teams.

While the UK is by and large a fair and safe place to work, there are still rogue employers who exploit their workers and undercut honest businesses. As the government has made clear, this will not go unpunished”.

Margot James, the Business Minister, said about the appointment:

“Sir David’s extensive experience will be invaluable in this hugely important role to help stamp out workplace exploitation and ensure that when unscrupulous employment practices are found, justice is done for those affected.

As we have made clear, the government is determined to make sure the economy works for all. That’s why we are investing £1.7 million in a national minimum and living wage awareness raising campaign alongside a record £25.3 million on national minimum and living wage enforcement next year to make sure the UK’s lowest paid workers get the pay rise they deserve”.