Economist Magazine Criticise Theresa May over Brexit Confusion

The Economist Magazine has referred to the Prime Minister as “Theresa Maybe” as confusion increases over the Government’s Brexit strategy. The Prime Minister is expected to make a speech in the forthcoming week to clarify the Government’s policy, following criticism from Sir Ivan Rogers, who resigned this week as the UK’s Ambassador to the EU.

In a leader article the magazine wrote:

“The strategy for Brexit, which is due to be triggered in less than three months, remains undefined in any but the vaguest terms, and seems increasingly chaotic. At home, the grand talk about transforming society and taming capitalism has yielded only timid proposals, many of which have already been scaled down or withdrawn. The growing suspicion is that the Sphinx-like prime minister is guarded about her plans chiefly because she is still struggling to draw them up”.

The magazine added about the Prime Minister’s lack of direction, and the series of u-turns which have taken place.

“After six months it is hard to name a single signature policy, and easy to cite U-turns. Some are welcome: a silly promise to put workers on company boards, for instance, was abandoned; a dreadful plan to make firms list their foreign employees lasted less than a week; and hints at curbing the Bank of England’s independence were quietly forgotten. Selective “grammar” schools will be resurrected—but only on a small scale, and perhaps not at all, given how many Tory MPs oppose the idea. Other reversals smack of dithering. The construction of a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point was put in doubt, then given the go-ahead; a new runway at Heathrow airport was all but agreed on, then deferred until a parliamentary vote next year. “Just-about-managing” households were the prime minister’s lodestar for a week or so, then dropped. So were suggestions that Britain would seek a transitional deal with the EU after Brexit—until they were recirculated a few weeks later when Mrs May apparently changed her mind once again”.

Downing Street has yet to comment on the article.