Prison Service Confirms it has Lost Control of Birmingham Prison

The Prison Service has confirmed that it has lost control at HMP Birmingham and reinforcements are being sent in to try and secure the building. There are currently an estimated several hundred prisoners who are in affected wings of the prison and riots have broken out.

Specially trained staff at the prison, and other prisons throughout the country, who form the Tornado Team are entering the prison to try and take control of the building. There are unconfirmed rumours that there is substantial damage inside the prison and fires have also been started.

The riots are thought to be the worst since the riots at Strangeways prison in Manchester which took place in 1990. There are police outside of the building and the police service has confirmed that there is no threat to the local community and no prisoners have escaped. G4S, who operate the prison on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, have confirmed that all their staff are unharmed.