Labour MP Clive Lewis Attacks EU Migration Saying “it hasn’t worked for millions”


Clive Lewis, the Labour MP for Norwich South, has criticised EU migration policy, saying that that “it hasn’t worked for millions of Britons”. Lewis, the Shadow Business Secretary, criticised previous migration policy saying to the Guardian newspaper:

“we have to acknowledge that free movement of labour hasn’t worked for a lot of people. It hasn’t worked for many of the people in this country, where they’ve been undercut who feel insecure, who feel they’re not getting any of the benefits that immigration has clearly had in our economy”.

Lewis’s comments are in opposition to reports published by organisations such as the LSE, who rejected that EU migrants had brought down the pay of UK workers.

Lewis did though seem to reject any fixed limit on immigration, and supported the UK’s membership of the single market. He said on immigration numbers:

“You don’t have to go down the path of talking about artificial barriers, which I think ultimately are going to harm the economy, and harm the very people who most need the economy to work for them”.