Jeremy Corbyn’s Reshuffle Criticised by Chairman of Parliamentary Labour Party


The shadow Cabinet reshuffle announced this week by Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has been criticised by John Cryer, the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Referring to the request by Labour MPs to hold elections to the Shadow Cabinet Cryer said in a letter to every MP from the party:

“This led to negotiations involving myself and the then chief whip, Rosie Winterton, and people from the leadership team”.

He added:

“As far as Rosie and I were concerned, the talks were held in good faith with the aim of striking an agreement which would allow some places to be filled through elections while the leader would retain the right to appoint others. It now seems to me that the party’s leadership did not engage in the talks in any constructive way”.

Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, rejected the criticism and said:

“The problem is that on the one hand people criticise Jeremy for being weak and taking too long on his reshuffles and yet when he decides that he needs to do one in order to fill vacancies and reach out, people then criticise him for being too decisive and too strong”.