Labour Leader and Deputy Leader Clash on Extreme-Left Wings Groups Infiltrating Labour


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, and Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, have clashed over allegations that the party has been infiltrated by Trotsky entrists.

Speaking in an interview with the Observer newspaper, Corbyn said:

“I just ask Tom to do the maths: 300,000 people have joined the Labour party – at no stage in anyone’s most vivid imagination are there 300,000 sectarian extremists at large in the country who have suddenly descended on the Labour party. Sorry Tom, it is nonsense – and I think he knows it’s nonsense. Let’s get on with campaigning, Tom. Thanks.

I just wish that members of the parliamentary Labour party, including Tom, would recognise that we have a very strong and very large party membership who joined for a reason. They want a different kind of society and a different kind of Britain. They want us to oppose austerity, they want us to oppose inequality, they want us to encourage investment and that kind of society that develops that includes all”.

Watson replied:

“I have never claimed that hundreds of thousands of new joiners are revolutionary socialists, and those who claim I did are attacking a straw man. I simply want to ensure that organisations like the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, who have instructed all their members to join the Labour party and target our youth sections for recruitment, are dealt with under our rules. It’s undeniable that this is happening. AWL even published these instructions on their website”.