Prime Minister Wishes British Olympians Good Luck


Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has broadcast a good luck message to the athletes from Great Britain and Northern Ireland who are taking part in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

May said:

“On behalf of the whole country I want to wish Team GB every success for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio.

Four years ago you won more medals than countries 10 times our size.

Your sheer hard work, your courage and character inspired our nation and brought our United Kingdom together with a wonderful sense of pride.

I know that you will do so again.

And although you will not see the same crowds cheering you on in Rio, I want you to know that those same crowds will be there in spirit.

The whole nation will be behind you, watching on our televisions and backing you all the way.

English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish all together with 1 flag, singing 1 anthem and supporting 1 team. Our team. Team GB.

So Good Luck in Rio – and I say to the whole country, let’s ‘Bring on the Great’ this summer”.