Terry Nathan, UKIP Councillor, Calls for Remain Voters to “be Shot”


The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that an investigation has been opened after Terry Nathan, a UKIP Councillor in Bromley, called for remain voters to be killed.

Nathan posted on Facebook:

“Time to start killing these people till article 50 is invoked, perhaps remainers will get the message then”.

When asked for clarification Nathan added:

“Not threatening anyone, no need for threats just a bullet”.

Following complaints Nathan withdrew his comments and said:

“It was honestly intended as a ridiculous overstatement. Anyone would tell you that I hold dear both respect and democracy. I would never seriously have advocated such violence”.

UKIP have confirmed that they will not be taking any action as “Councillor Nathan was obviously joking”.

In a statement the Metropolitan Police said:

“Police in Bromley are aware of comments apparently posted online by a Bromley councillor. Enquiries into this matter are ongoing”.