Prime Minister Confirms Visit to Wales


Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, has confirmed that she will be visiting Wales to discuss the Brexit negotiations with Carwyn Jones, the Welsh First Minister. The visit will take place today in Cardiff and comes just days after the Prime Minister visited Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister.

The Prime Minister said in a statement:

“In my first statement as Prime Minister I made clear how strongly I believe in the Union. I want to say to the people of Wales that the government I lead will always be on your side – and that means I will stand up for you and your family against injustice and inequality.

My government is committed to helping the steel industry secure a long-term viable future in Wales. The steel industry is vital to the UK and we will do everything we can to look after the workers and wider community as we work with Tata and the Welsh government.

Whether it’s reforming the economy or strengthening our society, we are going to build a better Britain and a nation that works for everyone – not just the privileged few”.